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The curatorial network Parallellogram was formed by curators Ulrika Flink, Katrin Ingelstedt and Laurel Ptak in Stockholm in 2012.


Parallellogram supports and displays a variety of artistic expressions outside or parallel to the established art institution.


Parallellogram supports and produces art projects outside the traditional framework of the cultural arena. Taking the structure of a social network, Parallellogram gathers independent curators, helping them develop and realize their ideas.





Parallellogram: art and historical collections

Anckarströms mask från 1792-03-16. CC Livrustkammaren.

The series Parallellogram creates unexpected encounters between the collected artifacts, historical spaces and contemporary art.

The interest in archives and collections is large in contemporary art. Many artists are working research-based on themes such as cultural heritage, science, ecology and environment, visual culture, economy and politics.

What happens when the artistic process begins to question the accepted starting points for linear historiography? The series Parallellogram creates encounters between contemporary artists and historical collections, encouraging interpretations of historic items from a contemporary perspective. Through a series of artistic impacts in various museum collections as well as a connecting seminar, Parallellogram explores the space for articulation and interpretation of our cultural heritage.

Today, a number of international museums involve contemporary art as a method to create new approaches to its own collection. Not infrequently, art becomes an addition to the regular activities, a temporary element to break old habits. By researching the working methods of different European museums, Parallelogram also aims to find new partnerships that expand our understanding of the museum as well as of contemporary art.

The series Parallellogram departs from the project Shadow Office which has been a collaboration between curators Ulrika Flink and Katrin Ingelstedt and artists at Slakthusateljéerna in Stockholm since 2013. Ten artists have taken part in a continuous dialogue and collaboration that aims to explore a new relationship between curators and artists that go deeper than the short production-oriented contacts that typically arise. Shadow Office is based on a close creative relationship in which interaction between the two professions is directed towards providing new perspectives on the individual artist’s and curator’s practice. The series Parallellogram links several of Stockholm’s museum collections with the artists: Sofia Törnblad, My Lindh, Tobias Sjöberg, Anna Henriksson, Mia Andersson, Petra Axelsson, Victoria Brännström, Katarina Elvén and Katarina Lundgren.

During the autumn of 2015 the artists begin to create new works based on a number of Stockholm’s museum collections. Please keep updated on the website for more information about programs and public presentations.

Image: Anckarström’s mask from 1792-03-16. CC: Livrustkammaren.


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Shadow Office

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Initiated by Parallellogram in collaboration with Slakthusateljéerna, a studio collective of 25 artists in Stockholm. The Shadow Office initiates dialogues between artist and curator with the aim of creating a new model for artistic and curatorial collaboration. The role of the curator is one of the shadowing agonist; the critical follower trying to map out an artist practice. The collaboration could be described in the shape of a triangle (curator-artist-curator) aiming to produce a dialogue of plural voices around the artist’s specific areas of interest. 


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